Whether you need a tool to finish your project or looking for a bike for the weekend

Rent it instead of buying!

Your neighbours have a gazillion of quality products that they already own and wanted to share.
When you rent you don't worry about maintenance or storage.
Just use it when you need it!


Find · Reserve · Pick-up · Use · Return



Cost-Effective · Ready to Use Products



All Local · Optional Delivery & Service


Do you have a ladder, a kayak or even some camping gear that you only use once a year?

Rent them out and get paid!

Let the product pay for itself. You own it but rarely use it. Now it is the time to get it working for you!



Security Deposit covered by Credit Card


Peace of Mind

100% Damage and Theft Protection

Control & Confidence

Automated Payments

Imagine New Possibilities!


We give you tools to list your products and services, manage your rental transactions as well as allow you to effectively communicate with each other.

Payment complexities are handled for you

From processing Credit Cards to sending you your Rental Income Money, a lot has to go right. We handle all payment transactions and give you all your records.

Security and Privacy Protection is our top priority

· Two-step authentication to protect your account and data
· We work with PCI-Certified Payment Provider
· All services delivered only over secure connections
· You control with who to share your contact details


Whether you are a Renter or a Product Owner or Both, the membership is FREE.
Our fee is included in the rental price. We get paid only after the Owner is paid!

RENTER FREE Membership
  • Simple Rental Transactions
  • Cost-effective
  • Protected Payments
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Offer Unlimited Products for Rent
  • Offer Product Delivery or Service
  • Offer Products for Sale
  • Rental Security Deposit
  • Rental Damage Fees
  • Automated Payouts to your bank account
APPLICATION FEE 10% per transaction (*)
  • 10% per transaction. ($1.31 min) (*)
  • $0.25 per transfer to your bank account
  • Credit Card Processing Fees included